Pre-K 4




  • Through activities, songs and prayer, each child will have a better understanding and appreciation of God's gifts and love for all of us. 

  • Each child will be encouraged to develop a positive self-image and a love of all of God's creations.

  • Each child will be made to feel special because God made each one in His likeness.

  • Through many different activities the children will have a better understanding of the significance of the religious holidays, especially Christmas and Easter.

  • Pre-K 4 religion book is "God Made the World". 


  • A wide variety of activities are used each day to assist in developing fine and gross motor skills.

  • Fine motor skill development is introduced through many modalities including puzzles, games, cutting, pasting, play dough and a wide variety of manipulatives.

  • Each child is encouraged to hold a crayon/pencil correctly and to begin to write his/her name.

  • Gross motor development is a part of each school day in the classroom and on the playground.

  • Pre-K 4 has a gym class in the gym once a week.


  • Letter recognition is taught by introducing' a "Letter of the Week".

  • The children are introduced to stories, songs, games crafts, and many other activities that begin with the letter of the week so as to reinforce it each day.

  • Children are also encouraged to bring in pictures as well as "Show and Tell" items that begin with the letter.

  • Handwriting Without Tears is the program used in Pre-K 4.  It is considered the best development research based program.



  • Fundamental number concepts, as well as concepts dealing with shapes, size and sets are explored through songs, finger plays, activities, games and crafts.

  • The children will begin to identify the numbers 0 to 10. 

  • Handwriting Without Tears Math program is used in Pre-K 4.


  • Listening and following directions play an important part in each day.

  • Through "Story Time" and "Circle Time" and individual activities the children are encouraged to listen and learn.

  • Each child is made aware of the importance of these skills. 


  • The children are introduced to many different art mediums including painting, cutting, pasting, drawing , sculpting, etc.

  • Craft activities, as well as authentic art projects, are an integral part of each week.

  • The children will learn to identify colors and textures. 

  • Artwork is proudly displayed in the classroom and hallways before it is brought home.


  • The children are encouraged to explore different sounds and patterns using their voices, instruments, cd's, dancing and finger plays.

  • ​​​​​​Pre-K 4 students attend a music class once a week.


  • The children learn about their bodies and how to take care of themselves with proper hygiene and proper eating habits.


  • Children are taught how to develop peer relationships and get along in a group.

  • Each child learns to be accepting and respectful of others.

  • Acceptance, a positive self-image and self-worth are fostered in all children.


  • Through nature, the world around them, experiments, cooking activities and group discussions the children are introduced to the world of science.


  • Safety rules for the school and playground are taught and enforced.








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