Parish Strategic Planning Council

The PSPC is a group of 30-40 committed parishioners who gather prayerfully to consider the challenges and opportunities the parish faces as it tries to be faithful to the mandate of the Lord Jesus to go "to all the nations, baptizing them...". The Council helps the pastor discern what the Lord is asking of the parish at this time in history, and how it can evangelize our culture more effectively and bring more people into a life changing relationship with God. Its focus is in on outreach to those who are lost and do not know God, and those who have drifted away from a life of faith. The PSPC works to make our programs as effective as possible and challenges the parish to be creative in finding "new expressions, new methods and a new ardor" (Pope St. John Paul II). 

It meets several times a year for prayer and dialogue, for analysis and for creative thinking outside the box. Its members commit themselves to a program of serious spiritual growth and development, convinced that "if the Lord does not build the house, in vain to the laborers toil".