Our program follows a regular Kindergarten format and includes:


Children are taught prayers and pray each day. They have a Religion Book from Loyola Press titled God Loves Us. The main themes are Learning About God's Love, Growing In God's Love, Sharing God's Love and Celebrating God's Love. It also covers special seasons and days during our year. They are taught about people in our world who are less fortunate and are involved in a number of service projects. The children also attend Mass on the first Friday of each month.


Reading/Phonics and Writing

The basic program used is from Wilson Language and is called Fundations. Fundations includes the key areas for effective beginning reading instruction, including: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness, Phonics/Work Study, Vocabulary, Sight Word Instruction, Fluency, Handwriting, Written Composition and Comprehension. The children each have
a Fundations Student Notebook as well as a Fundations Journal. Along with Fundations we follow the guidelines of the Common Core. We supplement our program with some
facets of Engage NY. We also use the Starfall Learn to Read program and each child has a Starfall Reading and Writing Journal as well as Starfall's Learn to Read Cut-Up
Take Home Books.



The basic program used is from Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley called en Vision Math. The enVision Math program correlates with the Common Core and Pearson is very supportive in helping us to transition to the Common Core State Standards. Each child has their own enVision Math textbook. The contents of our math textbook are Sorting and Classifying, Position and Location, Patterns, Zero to Five, Six to Ten, Comparing Numbers, Geometry, Fractions and Ordinals, Measurement, Addition, Subtraction, Larger Numbers, Money, Time, Calendar and Graphing. Mathematical Processes, which include problem solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representations, are infused throughout all lessons. Also included is a wonderful Home-School Connection and the program has a digital component. Along with the textbook each child has an Interactive Homework Workbook and a Transitioning to Common Core Student Lesson Book. Again, we do supplement some facets of EngageNY into our program.


Science and Social Studies

These subjects are covered by the curriculum handed down from the Archdiocese of New York titled Essentials for Learning which is based of New York State's Learning Standards for Science and Social Studies.



We also offer "Specials" for the Kindergarten throughout

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd




Our Kindergartners wear a uniform to school each day.

St. Lawrence O'Toole ECLC sweatshirt which can be purchased through the school for $15.00



White short or long sleeved three-button golf shirt with no logo. White, Navy or Light Blue turtleneck. Navy Blue or Khaki walking shorts (Fall and Spring), Navy sweatpants, Navy jumper, skirt or skort. White or Navy Blue crew sox, knee sox or tights. No Leggings. Sneakers, Black or Navy Blue school shoes.



White short or long sleeved three-button golf shirt with no logo, White, Navy or Light Blue turtleneck. Navy blue or Khaki walking shorts (Fall and Spring). Navy sweatpants or dress pants. White or Navy Blue crew sox. Sneakers, Black or Navy Blue school shoes. 




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