Adult Faith Formation

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The RCIA is not a program but a sacramental process that is an integral and critical component of the large life-long process of conversion. This includes individuals who are un-baptized, baptized in other faiths, and baptized Catholics who have not received First Communion or Confirmation and wish to actively resume their conversion. Read More

Christ Life

Christ Life is a series of three programs designed to help you begin and enrich your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each program lasts seven weeks and includes dynamic teaching and small group discussion. Read More


Men’s Cornerstone

There is no mystery to the Men’s Cornerstone weekend. It’s simply a gathering of everyday men of all ages and professions sharing stories and life’s experiences. The weekend is facilitated by a team who are passing along the gift of Cornerstone which they have previously received. Read more


Men’s Ministry

We meet each week to learn and discuss topics related to our faith and the spiritual life and what impacts our lives as men, professionals, husbands and fathers. Read more



Scripture Study

Scripture Study held at St. Lawrence O'Toole parish presents an opportunity to learn about God's infinite love and mercy as evidenced in His plan for our salvation. Read more


Women's Cornerstone

Come and spend a little over 24 hours in faithful introspection, prayer, and camaraderie with other women who will share their faith and friendship.  This retreat not only delivers a break from the routines and demands of everyday life, but also promises rest as you really need it—in the Lord’s presence. Read more



Women's GIFT

Women’s GIFT is a group of women who meet each week to deepen our relationship with Christ by exploring, learning and sharing our Catholic faith. Read more