ECLC Enrollment

Directions for Enrollment

  • Complete Registration Form 

  • ONLY NEW students need to submit a copy of their Birth Certificate

  • Parents need to check off and sign Enrollment Forms

    • Page 1 for Toilet Trained (Pre-K 3 only), Over the Counter Release, First Aid

    • Page 2 for Photo/Video Release and School Directory

  • Medical Statement

    • This form is required by the State and must be submitted in order for your child to begin school.  

    • Form will be downloaded when link is clicked. It may be filled out from your computer and printed or printed and filled out.

    • You must fill in the top information section.  Your pediatrician DOES NOT need to fill in your child’s immunizations.  A separate sheet from the doctor can be attached.  If the Tests section is not on the separate sheet from the Dr. then that needs to be filled in as well.  The Dr. needs to check off the Health Specifics and MUST sign, date and stamp the Summary of Physical Exam.  Remember your child MAY NOT begin school until we have this State Form.

  • Please fill out Pick Up Authorization Sheet

  • A summer project (homework) for you and your child

Your first tuition payment is due on August 1st.

You may pay online or by check.  Please make checks payable to St. Lawrence ECLC. 

Remember in order to take the 5% discount your tuition must be Paid In Full by Oct. 1st.



Registration Forms


Pre-K 4

Pre-K3 Monday Thru Friday

Pre-K3 Mon, Wed & Fri

Pre-K3 Tue & Thurs

Enrollment Forms

Enrollment Form Page 1

Enrollment Form Page 2

Medical Statment Form

Pick-up Authorization